'A Large Measure of Raw History' by Skip H

'A Large Measure of Raw History' by Skip H

A Large Measure of Raw History

A large measure of raw history
Mix with hard gruelling industry
Let this develop into a tight community
Respect for each other will now develop
Industrial decline decimates the area
In time, there is expectation through regeneration

Hope, vision and pride drive the people
This recipe is successful
The younger generation thrive on it
Newcomers join the banquet
Old and new combined sweeten the mix
Differences are forgotten in this mixing bowl

This is a simple recipe which can be used anywhere
The end product must be shared with everyone
Not just in small communities but in the wider world
The success of the recipe has been noticed in high places
It is now used as an example.
But it must go further

When the world leaders gather for the G7 summit
In Taormina Italy on the 26th of May 2017
As they sit down to their extravagant menu
Their starter should be a portion of our recipe
Served by members of our community
With side orders of respect, pride, vision and love.

Skip H