'A wee bit reminiscing....' by Lorna Allison

'A wee bit reminiscing....' by Lorna Allison

A wee bit reminiscing....

Come hither tae yer Mither
My Mammy called tae me
Hurry up, it's Friday night
I've still to make the tea

Lay this paper ower the table
Sit furrit, lean to me
Sumbdy pass me that bone comb
It's fast I'll need to be

Oh Mammy please, no again
Ma hair is fu o tugs
Ye dae this to us every week
Could we no jist risk the bugs

Dae Wullyum first, his hair is short
Or Sandra, Jack or David
Oh here's oor Linda coming noo
A'hm sure she looks the bravest

Stoap that wheengin, bend yer heid
I need tae check fur lice
Wanst ah've got through awe yer heids
A'll make ye soup and rice

Oh Mammy, this is torture
Kin ye no see that it hurts
Ma scalp is raw ma heid is sair
I'd raither hae the nits

She drew her haun across ma legs
Don't dare say that tae me
Nae wean o mine, will shame ma name
In front o that Nurse Gee!

Lorna Allison