'First Day at School', by Skip H.

'First Day at School', by Skip H.

First Day at School

Staunin in line wae ma Mammy. Knitted school jumper and jaggy short troosers.  Play piece in ma bag, two slice oan jam and a digestive biscuit.

The bell rang and the big doors opened. There she stood, Miss Neil, a formidable wummin who didnae smile, she jist stared at ye tryin tae figure oot whit tribe ye came fae.

Ma Mammy wisnae allowed in. We were marched intae the classroom and seated. We jist sat there waiting tae see whit was gonny happen next. Then Miss Neil shouted oot oor names. When yer name was called ye had tae staun up. Then she stared at us, tryin tae match up oor faces wi elder brithers an sisters already at the school. Wance she had ye sorted oot she gave a wee nod an wrote sumthin doon in her big book.

Time really didnae mean much tae me, but ah decided ah had been there long enough and it was time tae leave. Miss Neil was attending tae a greeter so ah took the opportunity tae sneak oot the classroom door.

As ah turned tae look fur an escape route ah walked right intae a giant. He picked me up, put me ower his shooder an took me back tae Miss Neil. This probably wisnae the best introduction tae Mr Broon the Heidmaister but we goat oan aw right efter that.

Skip H