'My First Day at School' by CAM

'My First Day at School' by CAM

My First Day at School

I remember getting a hard, brown leather bag from my Grandpa and him telling me this was my school bag. This was the first clue that I was going to school very soon.

I didn't like the idea very much of having to go somewhere I didn't know, but I walked with my Mum on that bright sunny morning up to the school, having got dressed in a new blouse, pinafore, top hose and Clark's shoes.

The bell rang and Mum took me inside to see my classroom and teacher for the first time.

I took a seat at a wooden desk near the front of the classroom, all the desks and chairs were separate and in a line, one behind the other.   The boy seated behind me kept pulling my hair.

The big blackboard had chalk on it, numbers and words which I would learn in years to come.

There was a sandpit in the classroom and we were allowed time to go and play.

The Headmistress rang the big hand bell when it was time to go home.  We all ran, skipped and jumped to get there.